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ISM Professional Series

ISM Professional Series Book Covers

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Product Description

The ISM Professional Series focuses on challenges, goals and integrated skill sets needed to be successful in strategic supply management. It goes deeper into the topics directly from the Exams with each volume corresponding to one of the three CPSM® Exams. The series draws from all industries and levels, formulating a macro view of the profession.

As one of the top referenced books by the CPSM® and CPSM® Bridge Exam Diagnostic Kits, the ISM Professional Series works in conjunction with the CPSM® Study Guide and CPSM® Diagnostic Kits to make your studying focused and efficient. The ISM Professional Series is an essential resource for every supply professional.

The set contains:

Volume 1 — Foundation of Supply Management (Exam 1)

Volume 2 — Effective Supply Management Performance (Exam 2)

Volume 3 — Leadership in Supply Management (Exam 3)

Product Details

Item Number: PS4
Number of Pages: 1200
Date Published: 2008
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.

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