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Cool CPSM Exam 3

Can anyone tell me how difficult they thought the CPSM Exam 3 was? Is reading the book and study guide enough? Was it harder than Exam 1 or 2? Or is that 2-day seminar necessary? Shame if it is. I am getting ready to take Exam 3. I have to say I was highly disappointed in the exam questions in 1 and 2. I've found only 1/3 are relevant to the books and study guides. For instance, I went back and looked at the first section of Exam 2 and found that only 2 out of 6 questions came from the book and study guide. Everything else was nothing fromthe books. So many important topics, descriptions and processes are not even mentioned in the exam. To me that's totally unfair. There's so much to read, comprehend and know from the books/guides, then they're not even covered in the exams. Really? How many years ago were these questions created? I'm now thinking about just taking exam 3 almost cold turkey since there are no definations in the book, only theory and opinions. If I pass then I'm gold. If I don't then I retake in another month. So how difficult was exam 3?
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