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Default Thanks for sharing your experience

Good job, Chartiy! Your scores are amazing! I just passed the test 1 yesterday, and still had the nightmare. My score was 420/600=88/150.
The first few questions almost knocked me out. They were so long, and so irrelevent to the study materials. I was like you, a straight A student for many years, never have had an exam unprepared. I was immediately out of breath at least 10 mins. I had to pull myself up to finish the test. I only finished 150/165 questions at the end (English is not my native lanuage, my reading is relatively slow).
Your study advice is absolutely useful! I just want to add mine to the folks who never take the exam.
First, ignore the questions which are so foreign to you(they may not be counted for the score), flag down the long questions, and go back to do them after you finish the rest.
Second, keep calm during the test. The test may unfairly post the hardest questions at beginning, don't let your confidence down.

Good luck to all folks who want to pass the test!

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