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7 CEHs

Learn to differentiate between cost and price. Recognize when to use cost analysis for assessing the reasonableness of price. Expand your understanding of the role of cost in determining price. Examine elements of the cost analysis process. Explore supplemental tools of cost analysis. Analyze and review a case study in the application of cost analysis.

I. Cost Analysis Defined

  • Define and differentiate cost and price
  • Understand the elements of cost and cost modeling
  • Compare and contrasting cost analysis and price analysis
  • Recognize when to use cost analysis

II. The Role of Cost in Determining Price

  • Understand cost-based pricing and market-based pricing
  • Identify market conditions that affect cost
  • Identify other issues affect cost

III. The Cost Analysis Process

  • Develop and apply internal cost estimates
  • Know when to use "should cost" analysis
  • Understand profit as a reward for risk concept
  • Identify sources of cost data

IV. Supplemental Issues Related to Cost Analysis

  • Utilizing life cycle costing in the evaluation of capital purchases
  • Comparing and contrasting traditional costing and activity based costing

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