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15.5 CEHs

Journey through important fundamental concepts by traveling from the why of purchasing and supply management, through legal matters, to categorization of purchases and suppliers. Next tour through competitive bidding and learn what you need to know to start honing your negotiation skills. Complete your expedition with contract formation and management and sourcing value-adding opportunities. Also take three side trips to experience sustainability and social responsibility, ethics, and the ISM Report on Business. You’ll return home with a solid foundation that will help ensure you are a valuable member of your organization's team.

  • #3952-1 Intro to Purchasing and Supply Management
  • #3952-2 Intro to Legal Considerations in the Purchasing Process
  • #3952-3 Intro to Categorizing Purchases and Suppliers
  • #3974 The ISM Guide to Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • #3972 Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct with Guidelines
  • #3952-6 Intro to Competitive Solicitations and Evaluation of Bids/Offers
  • #3952-7 Intro to Negotiations
  • #3952-8 Intro to Contract Formation and Contract Management
  • #3952-9 Intro to Value-Adding Opportunities in the Sourcing Process
  • #3967 ISM's Report on Business
  • #3952-PT Post-Test

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