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1 year access to Introduction to Contract Formation and Contract Management - 3952-8

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1.5 CEHs

After a successful solicitation and/or negotiation process, the purchasing professional and the supplier create a contract that legally binds them to fulfill their obligations. A contract needs to be mutually beneficial and fruitful for long-term relationships. Purchasing professionals oversee this entire process.

  • LO1: Understand the basics of contract formation
    • Types of obligation documents
    • Types of contracts/agreements
    • Considerations in document preparation
    • Knowledge check
  • LO2: Identify aspects of contract management
    • Contract administration
    • Supplier management
    • Conflict/dispute resolution
    • Termination
    • Knowledge check
  • LO3: Recognize considerations in managing the supply base
    • Supplier relations
    • Continuous improvement
    • Supplier exit strategies
    • Knowledge Check

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