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1 year access to Introduction to Negotiation - 3952-7

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1.5 CEHs

Negotiation is an integral part of life. It ranges from discussions among families and friends on what movie to see or what to eat for dinner to agreements among nations with far-reaching implications for the global economy and the quality of life. As an integral part of their responsibilities, purchasing professionals are called upon to negotiate with suppliers to ensure that the buying organization's needs are met and maximum value is obtained. Therefore, purchasing professionals must understand the logical flow of the negotiation process in order to achieve desired outcomes.

  • LO1: Identify the elements involved in preparing for negotiations
    • Negotiation definition and objectives
    • Team and site selection
    • Analysis of positions
    • Knowledge check
  • LO2: Understand negotiation philosophies and tactics
    • Win-win or cooperational
    • Win-lose or adversarial/competitive
    • Lose-lose or confrontational
    • Tactics
    • Knowledge check
  • LO3: Recognize special considerations in negotiations
    • Fact-finding and documentation
    • Sole-offeror versus entire competitive range
    • Negotiations as a consortium or cooperative
    • Knowledge check

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