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1 year access to Introduction to Competitive Solicitations and Evaluation of Bids/Offers - 3952-6

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1.5 CEHs

The purchasing process is defined in the ISM Glossary (2009) as the series of activities involved in obtaining necessary inputs for an organization. Further, the Glossary identifies one of the key steps in the process as the solicitation and evaluation of bids and proposals.

  • LO1: Understand the competitive solicitation process
    • Specifications and statements of work
    • Types of solicitations
    • Bidders’ conferences
    • Solicitation procedures and concepts
    • Terms and conditions
    • Problems
    • Knowledge check
  • LO2: Understand the evaluation of bids/offers
    • Decision matrix/multi-attribute evaluation tool
    • Responsiveness
    • Technical and operational analyses
    • Cost and price analyses
    • Capability and responsibility
    • Other factors
    • Knowledge check
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