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1 year access to Introduction to Categorizing Purchases and Suppliers - 3952-3

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1.5 CEHs

Purchasing and supply management professionals are continuously seeking ways to reduce costs and add value. An in-depth understanding of the organization's outside spend enables the purchaser to group similar items, or categorize purchases, to better plan and manage future acquisitions. To add further value, purchasing professionals may analyze and categorize their supply base so that they can develop a strategy on how to most effectively allocate spend.

This course provides you with an introduction to legal considerations in the purchasing process so that you will be able to:

  • LO1: Categorize purchases
    • Spend analysis
    • Segmentation/categorization of spend
    • Knowledge check
  • LO2: Categorize suppliers
    • Supply base analysis
    • Supplier categories
    • Knowledge check

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