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7 CEHs

Learn to differentiate between price and cost and when to use price analysis for determining the reasonableness of price. Expand your understanding of pricing theory and the competitive process. Learn when competitive bidding works well and when it doesn't. Explore the hierarchy and techniques of price analysis and what it means to obtain a "fair and reasonable price." Finally, review four supplementary tools of price analysis.

I. Introduction to Price Analysis

  • Define and differentiate price and cost.
  • Compare and contrast price and cost analysis.
  • Recognize when to use price analysis

II. Pricing and the Competitive Process

  • Differentiate cost-based and market-based pricing.
  • Understand the competitive process and competitive bidding criteria.
  • Recognize issues affecting price and their role in price determination.

    III. Price Analysis Process

  • Examine the hierarchy of price analysis techniques
  • Understanding the characteristics of a "fair and reasonable price"

IV. Supplemental Tools of Price Analysis

  • Utilize economic indices in price analysis
  • Utilize breakeven analysis in price analysis

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