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10 CEHs

In learning the negotiation process there are studies that go beyond the basic learning of the stages and how to execute them. These topics provide the learner with additional knowledge that will allow them to advance their implementation of the process to a higher level. Subjects include negotiation styles and why they are important, how you use a BATNA to your greatest advantage, how you handle difficult situations and difficult people and how you deal with strategic relationships and cultural issues.

I. Introduction

  • Review the basics of what you should know about negotiations.
  • Comprehend the importance of the concepts to be covered in this course.

II. Negotiations Styles

  • Identify important characteristics and qualities important for better performance as a skilled negotiator.
  • Determine the effectiveness of various historical styles and their common results.
  • Examine the optimum style in the process of conducting a principled negotiation delivering the best outcomes.
III. Using a BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)
  • Understand the concept of BATNA and why it's critical to the success of your negotiated agreement.
  • Develop and understand the importance of learning your and the other side's BATNA to your advantage.

IV. Difficult Negotiations

  • Understand how to negotiate with a sole source where the situation seems to provide no flexibility or hope of success.
  • Identify the dangers of phone negotiations and how to avoid them.
  • Understand the complexities of a dreaded deadlock situation and how to cope with it.
  • Determine if and when the use of a third party in a negotiation is to your advantage.
  • Use of agents in a negotiation situation.

V. Interacting with Difficult People

  • Identify five obstacles encountered when trying to work with intractable counterparts.
  • Design a step by step approach to overcome the obstacles encountered when working with difficult people.

VI. Strategic Relationships

  • Identify key elements for successful strategic relationships.
  • Determine how to negotiate strategic relationships.

VII. Negotiation in Different Cultures

  • Identify how cultural factors can affect your negotiation efforts.
  • Understand how cultural negotiation practices can differ from region to region.

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