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Negotiation is a process, not an event. It consists of many steps or stages. Each one has its own critical importance and all are relevant to the overall success of those involved. This course touches on all of them and focuses on the preparation required, the key elements in every negotiation, the management of the actual meetings and the completion phase.

I. Introduction to the Negotiation Process

  • Answer the three basic questions of what, why, and when for the negotiation process.
  • Utilize and establish ethics as part of every negotiation.

II. Preparing for a Negotiation

  • Understand objectives, limits, timetables, issues and internal negotiations in determining your responsibilities in the negotiation process.
  • Discover what information you will need to uncover about your counterparts in preparing for a negotiation.
  • Build and manage an effective negotiation team environment by understanding the team leader role, your team’s role and important ground rules critical to the success of your team.

III. Three Key Elements in Negotiation

  • Answer key questions in gathering relevant information and knowledge to conduct your negotiation.
  • Utilize time, patience and the rules for deadlines and stalling to your advantage.
  • Define the types of power and where it exists to better manage the negotiation process.

IV. Conducting the Negotiation

  • Ascertain and employ four crucial steps in establishing your approach to the negotiation process.
  • Utilize simple rules to effectively communicate your message during the negotiation process.
  • Use Price / Cost Analysis and Life Cycle Cost Analysis analytical tools to assist in the price negotiation.
  • Identify tactics to use in improving your negotiation position.
  • Identify tactics to avoid in improving your negotiation position.

V. Completing the Process

  • Prepare and organize final documents in the development of an implementation plan and contract.
  • Evaluate the process and results to ensure improvements in future negotiations.

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