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1 year access to Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Managment - 3952-1

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1.5 CEHs

Many changes in the way business is conducted have had an impact on the purchasing and supply management process, from what the process is called to the way it is managed. In today's environment of global competition, organizations are continuously seeking ways to create value, produce revenue and control costs. An integral component to an organization's ability to achieve and sustain success in any of these areas is the effective management of its acquisition of goods and services.

This course gives you the opportunity to:

  • LO1: Analyze purchasing and supply management’s role in today’s business world
    • Definition of supply management
    • Components of supply management
    • Strategic supply management process
  • LO2: Understand links to organizational strategy
    • Linking supply management strategy to organizational strategy
    • Purchasing’s contribution to the organization
    • Importance of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility
  • LO3: Identify purchasing’s structure and professional skill sets
    • Purchasing structure (centralized, decentralized, hybrid)
    • Critical skills and knowledge areas
    • Skills-based analysis of world-class purchasers

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