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Forecasting what supply chains of the future will look like is perhaps easier than specifying how we will achieve them. The "totally enabled" scenario envisages supply chains of the future with close coordination between business processes so that a network of partners operates as a virtual organization. The "federated" scenario envisages more pragmatic and more loosely connected networks.

However, it is becoming clear that supply chains of the future will have to be able to cope with increasingly turbulent and uncertain environments. Mega trends like sustainability, demographics, and advances in IT and the internet will all see to that. While such external factors will be crucial in shaping the environment in which supply chains operate, this topic focuses on the capabilities that supply chains of the future will need to develop in order to cope.

Research at Cranfield has revealed a far from futuristic set of capabilities in supply chains today. While parts of individual supply chains may be well coordinated or even well focused on the end customer, no exemplar of an overall supply chain emerged. Supply chain management is at best still emergent in terms of both theory and practice. Few practitioners were able?or seriously aspired?to extend their reach across the supply chain.

In this course, we will review four of the trends that will shape supply chains of the future. These trends will help us to create more radical solutions to the challenges of managing global supply chains.

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