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This educational opportunity challenges learners to participate proactively in the planning, development, and execution of a performance-based service contract (PBSA).

Performance-Based Service Acquisition is a major initiative of the Federal Government. This initiative is intended to bring about practical acquisition reform throughout the Federal Establishment. PBSA offers the public and private sectors an opportunity to:

  • Engage in best-value contracting
  • Utilize effective partnering arrangements
  • Establish innovative performance incentives
  • Work together in realizing beneficial cost reductions

After completing this program, learners will be able to participate productively in the:

  • Planning,
  • Development, and
  • Execution of a performance-based service contract.

I. Introduction

II. Teams

  • Leveraging Resources Through Integrated Teaming
  • Forming an Integrated Team
  • Establishing Team Ground Rules

III. Requirement Determination and Market Research

  • How Do You Determine Your Customer's Requirement?
  • Who's On the Team?
  • How Do You Complete Market Research?

IV. Determine Business Compensation Arrangements

  • Why Use Performance Incentives When Building a Business Relationship?
  • Why Use Different Contract Types When Building a Business Relationship?

V. PBSA Job Analysis Process

  • How Do You Complete a Work Analysis?
  • How Do You Complete a Performance Analysis?
  • How Do You Complete an Evaluation Analysis?
  • What Is a Cost Estimate?

VI. Application of the PWS / SOW and Performance Measurements

  • How Does a Performance Work Statement (PRS) Relate to a Government
  • Solicitation?
  • What PWS Format Should Be Used?
  • Performance Work Statement Writing Guidelines
  • Developing Labor Descriptions for the PWS
  • What Are Performance Measurements?

VII. Concerns and Issues for a PBSA Solicitation

  • Unique PBSA Special Provisions and Clauses
  • Useful Tips for Proposal Preparation Instructions
  • Useful Tips for Source Selection

VIII. Post-award Administration

  • What Is a Post-award Orientation?
  • Performance Management Implementation
  • Past Performance Evaluations

IX. Contract Closeout

  • How Do You Close Out a Contract?
  • Case Scenario #1
  • Case Scenario #2
  • Case Scenario #3
  • Case Scenario #4

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