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1 year access to Contract Performance and Remedies (Bundle) 3945B

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7 CEHs

The courses in this program address what happens after a contract has been formed – each party's respective responsibilities for performance of the contract, non-performance and its right to legal remedies if the other party breaches the contract.

  1. #3945-1 – Contract Obligations -- 2 CEHs
    1. Seller’s obligations & responsibilities under UCC Article 2
    2. Buyer’s obligations & responsibilities under UCC Article 2
    3. Risk of loss
    4. Performance obligations in contract language
  2. #3945-2 – Warranties & Product Liability -- 2 CEHs
    1. Significance of warranty protection
    2. UCC “constructive” warranties
    3. UCC “implied” warranties
    4. Express warranties
    5. Warranty disclaimers
    6. Product liability
  3. #3945-3 – Termination of Contracts and Excuses for Non-Performance -- 1 CEH
    1. Termination vs. cancellation of contracts
    2. Defenses that excuse contract performance
    3. Statute of limitations
  4. #3945-4 – Remedies for Breach of Contract -- 2 CEHs
    1. Limitations on money damages in contract actions
    2. Alternative remedy of specific performance
    3. Liquidated damages
    4. Seller’s remedies under UCC
    5. Buyer’s remedies under UCC
    6. Limitation of liability
    7. Indemnification

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