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1 year access to Contract Law for Supply Management (Bundle) 3944B

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6 CEHs

The courses in this program focus on various aspects of contract law and their application to the supply management function.

  1. 3944-1 — The Basics of Contract Formation -- 2 CEHs
    1. Difference between an enforceable contract and other agreements
    2. Contract offers
    3. Acceptance of an offer
    4. Battle of the forms
    5. Consideration
    6. Lawful purpose
    7. Competent parties
  2. 3944-2 — Contracting Formalities -- 2 CEHs
    1. The Statute of Frauds -- when written documentation is required
    2. What must be included in the written documentation
    3. Exceptions to the Statute or Frauds
    4. The Parole Evidence Rule
    5. Legal concepts that supplement contract language
  3. 3944-3 — Legal Ramifications of Electronic Commerce -- 1 CEH
    1. Use of facsimile transmissions
    2. EDI and other forms of electronic communications
    3. E-commerce laws and contracting
  4. 3944-4 — Other Contracting Considerations -- 1 CEH
    1. Defenses to contract formation
    2. Legal considerations for long-term contracts
    3. Distinction between employees and independent contractors

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