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1 year access to Legal Aspects of Supply Management (Bundle) 3943B

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6 CEHs

The courses in this program are intended to give those in supply management an overview of how the U.S. legal system and various laws and legal principles affect their day-to-day job responsibilities.

  1. #3943-1 -- How the US Legal System Affects Supply Management -- 2 CEHs
    1. Civil vs. criminal law
    2. Whose law applies and where do we litigate
    3. Alternative dispute resolution
    4. Sources of contract law
    5. Application of law to different contracts
    6. Other federal laws of concern to supply management
  2. #3943-2 -- Agency Law -- 2 CEHs
    1. Duties and obligations of the parties
    2. Types of authority
    3. Liability of the parties
  3. #3943-3 -- Intellectual Property Law -- 1 CEH
    1. Four types of intellectual property
    2. Handling "works for hire"
    3. Protection of trademarks/service marks
    4. Protection of proprietary info -- NDAs
  4. #3943-4 -- Antitrust Law -- 1 CEH
    1. Four federal antitrust laws
    2. Application of the Sherman Act
    3. Application of the Clayton Act
    4. Significance of the FTC Act
    5. Application of the Robinson-Patman Act

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