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7 CEHs

Lesson 1: Overview of the Project Management Process
LO1: Discover how project management can be an effective tool for supply management professionals
LO2: Understand the fundamental concepts of project management
LO3: Identify the skills necessary to lead or serve on a project team
LO4: Learn how to organize, plan, track, and close a project
Lesson 2: The Use of Project Management in Supply Management and Supply
LO1: Understand the roles supply management professionals play as project team members
LO2: Identify project skills and requirements
LO3: Determine how technology can assist project management success
Lesson 3: Project Management Skills for Purchasers
LO1: Identify ways that project management techniques may help in managing supplier performance
LO2: Discover examples of supply management related opportunities for project management
LO3: Utilize project management related templates and checklists
Lesson 4: Using Project Management Techniques to Purchase Capital Equipment
LO 1: Relate the aspects of project management to the capital equipment purchase
LO2: Create a clear project objective and work breakdown
LO3: Identify measurements of project success
Lesson 5: Outsourcing a Critical Process Using Project Management Principles
LO1: Relate the aspects of project management to the outsourcing purchase
LO2: Organize the project team
LO3: Create an accurate project timeline
LO4: Analyze project success
Lesson 6: Outsourcing Services using Project Management
LO1: Relate the aspects of project management to the outsourcing of services
LO2: Train the project team in the service procurement process
LO3: Organize and launch the project
Lesson 7: Project Closure and Review
LO1: Identify common project management problems and solutions
LO2: Reinforce the importance of project management for supply management professionals
LO3: Summarize project closure and outcomes

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