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1 year access to Symptoms of Poor Inventory Management - INV102

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3 CEHs - Effective inventory management is critical to the success of any company. Learning to spot signs or symptoms of poor inventory management is the first step in improving the management of inventory at a company. This Online Self-Study provides you with information to understand and begin this process.

Topics covered include:
Customer service measures and how to use them to identify symptoms of poor inventory management
Tradeoffs between customer service and inventory investment
Methods of estimating the cost of a stockout
Benefits of ABC analysis
Use of sales volume data, units sold data, and customer request data in ABC analysis
Ways in which effective mode selection can make lead-times more dependable, thus improving inventory management
How inbound transportation can add "hidden" costs to a company's transportation costs, and what should be done to prevent or lower those costs
When and how emergency orders should be utilized to maintain reasonable transportation costs, yet keep high enough levels of customer service
Factors that go into replenishment times, and that can be looked at to decrease total replenishment time
Ways in which sales revenue is lost due to misplaced SKUs at retail stores
Common inventory management problems in warehouses, such as uncounted products and space shortages

This Online Self-Study focuses on the four areas of a company where inventory management problems typically occur:
Customer Service
Inventory Control
Store/Warehouse Operations

It discusses how to identify problems, what the root causes of those problems are, and how to begin solving inventory management problems.

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