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1 year access to Transportation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - TRN504

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2.5 CEHs - This Online Self-Study course addresses the issue of performance measurement in the transportation area, and it provides information to help select and utilize appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs). Best choices for KPIs are those that satisfy the criteria for effective measurements and are consistent with the objectives and goals of the transportation area. Developing capable approaches to performance measurement will enable continuous improvement and ensure the continued success of the transportation area.

The following topics are included in this course: Criteria for effective KPIs,  Performance measurement process, Utilizing KPI Information, Examples of KPIs

This course covers methods of measuring performance within the area of transportation operations. Specific performance measures are discussed from the perspective of: Description of measure, Description of how to conduct measurement, Discussion of what would be good performance vs. poor performance for this measure, Summary of how to improve these measurements.

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