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1 year access to Supply Chain Planning: Production Planning - SCP501

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2.5 CEHs - Production Planning is an Online Self-Study that introduces the production (factory) planning process, inputs and outputs, in addition to the terminology used in master planning.

This Online Self-Study covers the following topics:
How master planning supports the demand and supply planning processes to produce the detail production plan and the materials plan
Master planning's role in supply chain planning
Key issues in master planning
Key output and objective of master planning
Value given and business problems solved by master planning
Capabilities that master planning enables
How the information produced by master planning is used by the organization
Activities are integrated into the course to aid the learning process; An assessment at the end of the course enables the learner to measure progress

Planning is the ability to create a plan of record from the requirements of the demand, supply and capacity plans. Production Planning (PP) encompasses the allocation and deployment of resources to optimize plant capabilities. The course shows how to use the PP process, leveraging the PP inputs, to enable the organization to understand the viability of a production schedule and to understand actual production versus planned production. Key considerations in balancing the demand, supply and capacity plans, existing customer orders, and customer service objectives are discussed.

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