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1 year access to Transportation Activity Based Costing - TRN502

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2 CEHs - This two-hour Online Self-Study covers the principles and practices of activity based costing for transportation. It is designed to help you understand ABC and build your knowledge base regarding relevant issues. The primary objectives of the training are to foster an understanding of the importance of accurate costing and present a method for adopting ABC.

Topics include: Introduction;  ABC Approach;  Methodology; Decision Making; Conclusion; Assessment

During this two-hour Online Self-Study you will learn about activity based costing within the transportation field. You will gain valuable insights into the purpose, design, and use of ABC methods. In order to reap its benefits, you need to understand the ABC approach. The first topic of the training course will provide some general background information on ABC - its purpose, unique features, applications, and benefits. Transportation activities provide ample opportunities to apply ABC principles and reap its benefits. In the next topic, you will go through a step-by-step walk through an ABC system that can generate extensive knowledge regarding the cost of transportation operations. The final section of the training course will discuss how Activity Based Management (ABM) uses ABC information to drive strategic planning, enhance performance, and improve the value that customers receive. Industry examples, activities, and short cases will be used to highlight key points and bolster your knowledge.

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