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1 year access to Transportation Routing and Scheduling - TRN410

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2 CEHs - This Online Self-Study provides participants with the proper procedures and guidelines for effectively and efficiently performing transportation routing and scheduling. It discusses the importance and benefits of routing and scheduling to transportation departments, and to companies overall. The course also helps participants to understand routing and scheduling problems by highlighting the main problem characteristics and restrictions, as well as the primary principles of effective routing and scheduling.

The following topics are included in this course: Types of routing and scheduling activities that must be planned and managed, Factors that influence or restrict how routing and scheduling problems can be addressed, Categories of common routing and scheduling problems and their characteristics, Widely accepted principles for developing effective routes and schedules, Main categories of routing and scheduling solution techniques used to address various problems, General framework for navigating routing and scheduling problems and developing solutions, Appropriate uses and benefits of routing and scheduling software, Types and structure of software tools, Choosing a routing and scheduling software package

Effective transportation routing and scheduling can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, supply chain performance, and organizational success. This Online Self-Study explains how managers can best get raw materials, production parts, and finished goods to their intended destination efficiently and effectively.

The course discusses three major aspects of routing and scheduling:
1. Understanding routing and scheduling problems
2. Solving routing and scheduling problems
3. Using computers in routing and scheduling

The course also includes a short case study and several activities in which users can apply routing and scheduling concepts.

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