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1 year access to Supply Chain Planning: Leading Practices - SCP701

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2 CEHs - This Online Self-Study covers leading practices within supply chain planning. It highlights how businesses have responded to new challenges using supply chain planning concepts. It also identifies and discusses the benefits of these leading practices.

Topics in this course include:
Global supply chain planning and its impact on supply chains Benefits of global supply chain management
Types and benefits of collaboration in supply chain planning
Drivers for financial optimization in supply chain planning
Best practices within supply chain planning financial optimization
Postponement's role in supply chain planning

Activities are integrated into the course to aid the learning process. An assessment at the end of the course enables the learner to measure progress.

Leading edge companies are using supply chain planning (SCP) capabilities to reduce costs, enhance revenue and yields, and achieve other operational benefits. Such companies pull ahead of their competitors with significantly reduced costs and/or increased yields. Supply chain leaders put increased pressure on competitors to implement leading supply chain planning practices as well.

A company may choose to use a subset of leading practices that best meets their industry profile and company needs. Four leading practices are addressed in this two-hour Online Self-Study.

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