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The following topics are included in this module:

Principles of Value Analysis
Evaluation Phase
Decision and Implementation Phase
Application to Value Engineering
Module Summary

Activities are integrated into the module to aid the learning process. An assessment at the end of the module enables the learner to measure progress.

Value analysis (VA) and value engineering (VE) have a significant amount of application to supply professionals who need to remain competitive by increasing the ultimate value of the final product to the end customer. Value analysis and a companion technique called value engineering are structured processes for idea generation and evaluation that are used to identify lower-cost product and service designs. This ultimately leads to increased process efficiencies and reduced costs.

Although originally focused on individual parts, value analysis is now used in an analysis of services and systems as an approach to reduce total costs. Value analysis can be used to improve business processes and can be used strategically to reduce the total costs of ownership by improving products and processes in the buyer's and the supplier's organizations. Product and service features, production/fulfillment activities, and business processes that do not add value to customers are identified and targeted for elimination or redesign. As the nature of competition shifts to a supply chain focus, effectively leveraging the suppliers' technical expertise is becoming essential to market success. Many organizations are using these time-proven techniques to leverage their and their suppliers' technical expertise.

This Online Self-Study describes the principles, evaluation, and decision-making components of value analysis and value engineering. The purpose of this module is to help the supply professional build a working knowledge of value analysis and value engineering components, techniques, processes, applications, and requirements.

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