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1 year access to Effective Supply: Evaluating Potential Suppliers - PEX205

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2 CEHs - In this two-hour Online Self-Study course you'll explore matching the extent of the evaluation process to the importance of a specific purchase, the different types of criteria on which suppliers can be evaluated, and gathering data on both existing and new suppliers.

Topics covered include:
Determining the extent of the supplier evaluation process
Identifying the key decision criteria to evaluate potential suppliers
Gathering accurate and timely data on decision criteria for each potential supplier

The goal of evaluating potential suppliers is to identify sources of supply that can meet an organization's current and forecasted operational and strategic needs. The criteria on which potential suppliers are evaluated and the depth of the supplier analysis are critical components of the evaluation process. When suppliers are inadequately evaluated, the results can be costly for the buying organization in terms of total cost and risk of supply. The evaluation process can be contracted or expanded depending on the importance of the purchase to the organization and the risk associated with acquiring the purchase in the marketplace.

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