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2 CEHs - Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) is, perhaps, the most commonly used production planning tool in most industries. MRP addresses the problem of determining and meeting requirements for all parts and components that are assembled into each final product. The goal is to coordinate materials at the various stages of the production process. MRP is a forward-looking plan for final product and component production and procurement over some future time horizon.

This course introduces many of the key elements of MRP as well as some of its weaknesses. Specifically, it will cover:
The fundamental purposes of MRP
The three key elements of MRP: bill of materials explosion, lead
time offset and inventory netting
Sample MRP charts and calculations
Safety stock and safety lead times
Problems and weaknesses of MRP including: safety stocks, fixed
lead times and lot sizes
Where to apply MRP and where to avoid it
The difference between Materials Requirements Planning and
Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II)

This course is designed for anyone who deals with production planning or with MRP and who should be aware of potential problems and pitfalls with its use. It also serves as an introduction to MRP for those who have not been exposed to this important tool. This course includes many examples.

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