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1 year access to Elements of Product Design - APX811

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2 CEHs - This two-hour Online Self-Study addresses product design. Product design defines the product. Process design determines how it will be produced and which resources will be used to produce it. Much of the data created in the design process is required to support operations planning and control.

The following topics are included in this training course:
Manufacturing Feasibility
Product Definition Data
Process Definition Data
Resource Definition Data

In this two-hour Online Self-Study, the elements of product and process design are highlighted. This course addresses important elements of product and process design and the basic data used to support the planning and control of operations.

The course begins by discussing manufacturing feasibility, which is the stage in which much of the data required to plan and control items is created. Second, the course covers product definition data. This is the stage in the design process where product-related data is documented. Next, process definition data is explored. Process definition data relates to how components are transformed into the parent item. This data is required in all production environments, but the form and content varies widely from one industry segment to the next and from one company to the next. Finally, the course addresses resources definition data. This includes the information required in the scheduling and capacity planning processes. It is the final category of data to be explored.

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