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1 year access to Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) - APX803

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2 CEHs - This two-hour Online Self-Study addresses Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II). Manufacturing Resource Planning is a method for the effective planning and control of all resources in a manufacturing organization. It is an integrated method, which facilitates development of consistent plans at multiple levels of the organization and across the functions of the organization.

The following topics are included in this course:
System Characteristics
Planning Hierarchy
Evolution to ERP

This two-hour Online Self-Study explores the business conditions and requirements that led to the MRP II architecture development and the characteristics of that architecture. It also covers the components of MRP II and the linkages among them that ensure that the plans developed are consistent and attainable. This course provides an overview by exploring four questions regarding the MRP II architecture and supporting methods:

What were the needs that led to Manufacturing Resource Planning?
What is Manufacturing Resource Planning?
Where does Manufacturing Resource Planning fit?
What is the relationship between MRP II and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)?

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