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1 year access to Warehousing Metrics - WHS206

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1.5 CEHs - This Online Self-Study will identify several approaches to measuring
warehouse performance. It will also discuss the dangers of measuring too much or failing to recognize which numbers are truly significant.

The following topics are included in the training course:
Major Warehouse Functions
Performance Measures Background & Types
Measures by Warehouse Function
Evaluating Measures

This course will give you the background and tools necessary to evaluate the performance of a warehouse and the functions involved within the facility. It will answer questions such as:
What aspects of the warehouse operation should we measure?
How should we measure?
How should we report these measurements?

The training course will discuss how some of the answers to these questions will vary depending on the type of warehouse operation and management goals.

The course will start by explaining the major functions of warehousing, such as storage and shipping. It will then discuss performance measures and how these can be used for each function of warehousing. Finally, it will describe how to evaluate these measurements and achieve better efficiency and effectiveness in each warehouse function.

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