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1 year access to Integrating Transportation Strategy with Supply Chain Strategy - TRN101

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1.5 CEHs - This Expert On Demand course explains the role and importance of transportation as it relates to the broader areas of logistics and supply chain. It discusses the importance of effective transportation management in achieving supply chain management goals and objectives.

The following specific areas will be covered:
Organizational strategies
Goals and objectives of transportation in comparison with logistics and supply chain objectives
Communication between transportation management and logistics/supply chain management
Integration of transportation with other logistics activities
Performance metrics for transportation

This Expert On Demand course highlights the relationship between transportation and supply chain management, focusing on how the strategies of each relate.

Discussed first in this course is supply chain and logistics management, in order to provide a proper perspective and element background for looking at how transportation strategy is integrated with supply chain strategy. The course then covers the topic of transportation management strategy - what are some of the major areas of strategic interest and concern to those managing transportation activities? Next, the training highlights the third party logistic industry. Finally, the course covers information technology capabilities, along with tips and key ideas toward the objective of leveraging transportation to supply chain success.

Upon completion of this course, the user will understand how transportation decisions can be made to benefit the overall supply chain.

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