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1 year access to Effective Supply: Supplier Performance Measurement and Supplier Value-Add - PEX202

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1.5CEHs - This Expert On Demand course provides frameworks for measuring and improving the performance of your suppliers for the most effective availability and delivery of goods and service.

The course addresses the following topics:
Identifying and Describing Requirements
Evaluating Potential Suppliers
Effective Supplier Selection
Supplier Performance Measurement
Seeking Supplier Value-Add
Alliances and Partnerships

While measuring supplier performance is very costly and time consuming, it can be justified by the benefits of identifying and resolving inefficiencies and performance problems. The frameworks and criteria for assessing supplier performance is presented along with actions that can drive value through your suppliers. Specific topics include:
Supplier performance measurement
Supplier value-add
Learning objectives

At the end of this on-demand presentation, you will be able to:
Articulate the benefits of managing supplier performance on an ongoing basis
Understand the supplier evaluation process
Measure the performance of a supplier based on specified criteria
Identify actions that can deliver value to your organization

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