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1 year access to Inventory Management Metrics and Classification - INV105

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1.5 CEHs - This Expert On Demand course introduces the importance of effective metrics, the types and applications of supply chain metrics, and the link between metrics and inventory classification.

This course includes the following topics:
Inventory Classification
Classification Examples
Business Metrics
Inventory Measures
Service Measures
Metric Pitfalls
Metric Theory
Metric Issues

Metrics are a business fundamental. To manage any process, we must be able to measure it. Effective supply chain management requires a suite of metrics that track both capital utilization and customer service.

This course will explain how to calculate different metrics. More importantly, the course will provide a framework for understanding supply chain performance and comparing performance across firms. These concepts are particularly useful in designing supply chain measurement systems and for creating metrics to evaluate the success of a supply chain initiative.

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