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1 year access to Supply Chain Leadership and Its Impact on Business Performance - VCR205

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1 CEH - This is a one-hour Expert On Demand recorded presentation which highlights the key findings of an extensive research project on how companies derive competitive advantage from their supply chains. The research team was comprised of individuals from Accenture, Stanford University, and INSEAD.

The following topics are included:
Research study overview and key findings
Implications of those findings
Supply chains in the future

According to Dell, the supply chain is "the biggest leverage point we have." At Spanish clothing manufacturer/retailer Zara, "the supply chain is the business model." And international trading company Li & Fung opines that "customer value lies in our ability to architect and operate supply chains."
The above observations may not be those of typical companies. But more and more, they match the insights and opinions of today's leading companies. In fact, a real correlation has been drawn between companies' financial success and the depth and sophistication of their supply chains. That connection, supply chain excellence tied to financial performance, is a key finding of this report, which was developed by three interconnected research teams working with hundreds of companies on two continents.
However, the report's identification of a direct link from supply line to bottom line is only the beginning. The multidisciplinary research team also formed conclusions about how and why leading companies incorporate supply chain management into their business strategies. Another channel of inquiry focused on the design and development of integrated operating models, which were found to be the key strategic difference between supply chain leaders and also-rans. Furthermore, the team devoted significant effort to understanding how supply chain leaders execute against their operating strategies and adapt them to changing market needs.
Using the key findings of this report, this course discusses the relationship between supply chain excellence and financial performance: the "why," the "who," the "what" and the "how." Today's and tomorrow's leaders are invited to look more closely at the growing business-wide impact of supply chain excellence.

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