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1 year access to Optimum Quality: Specifications and Supplier Certification - PEX302

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1 CEH - This is a one-hour Expert On Demand online presentation which provides frameworks for how you define the needs of your organization and clearly communicate to suppliers what is wanted and needed.

The following topics are included:
Setting Specifications
Measuring and Communicating Specifications
Supplier Certification

In this course you will review the components which are typically defined in a specification, the different types of specifications, and the pros and cons of each type. In addition, you learn the importance of defining the product or service specification with a focus on defining the performance characteristics. Effective ways of measuring and communicating specifications are also presented as a critical aspect of the specification process. Finally, you review how certification programs can recognize exceptional suppliers who have demonstrated a clear commitment to value-add and continuous improvement. Specific topics include:
Specification Requirements
Ten Types of Specifications
Pros and Cons of Specification Types
Framework for Measuring Specifications
Effectively Communicating Specifications
Supplier Certification Requirements

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