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1 year access to Effective Supply: Supplier Selection - PEX206

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1 CEH - In this one-hour Online Self-Study, you'll explore matching the decision criteria to the specific purchase, various methods and approaches for selecting suppliers, and using cross-functional sourcing teams to make effective sourcing decisions.

Topics covered include:
Prioritizing the decision criteria based on the specific purchase
Types of selection methods from informal to formal approaches
Effectively managing cross-functional sourcing teams
The supplier selection process occurs after the buyer or sourcing team has determined the decision criteria on which to base the decision and gathered data on each potential supplier. Supplier selection is the point at which the buyer or sourcing team decides how much volume to place with each specific supplier(s). The approach to the supplier selection process is driven primarily by the value of the purchase to the organization and the risk of acquiring the purchase in the marketplace. The higher the value and risk of the purchase, the more likely that cross-functional sourcing teams will make the supplier selection decision. If the logic behind the selection process is flawed, these errors can be costly for both the buying and selling organizations in terms of unacceptable supplier performance and a negative impact on operational and/or strategic capabilities.

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