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1 year access to Effective Supply: Identifying Requirements - PEX203

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1 CEH - In this Online Self-Study course, you'll explore value-adding opportunities when identifying requirements, appropriate uses for each type of specification, and how purchasing should be involved in identifying requirements.

Topics covered include:
Cost reduction, cost avoidance, and quality improvement opportunities
Selecting a specification type to describe a requirement
Purchasing's role in identifying requirements

Throughout this course you will examine how to identify requirements in effective supply. The procurement and supply process starts with the identification of a needed requirement. The goal of identifying requirements is to describe the need in a way that will be meaningful to stakeholders and will result in the best value acquisition. Typically, about 70-80 percent of the total cost is influenced when requirements are identified. An accurate description of the requirement is critical, since this can be the greatest opportunity in the purchasing process to add value by reducing cost and improving quality.

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