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1 year access to MRO Efficiencies - PEX1001

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1 CEH - MRO Efficiencies is a one-hour, Expert On Demand online presentation that provides an overview of how significant cost reductions can be achieved by changing how your organization purchases MRO products.

The topics included are:
Case Studies

In this course you learn the typical modes of contracting MRO products including annual contracts, blanket purchase orders, systems contracts and procurement cards. Three key approaches to reducing MRO costs and improving MRO effectiveness are presented. Participants will learn to:
1. Do the same thing but better through applying best practices and
    re-engineering processes to reduce administrative effort.
2. Do it differently through implementing electronic commerce using
    online catalogs and sourcing through the Internet.
3. Don't even do it by outsourcing the purchase and management of
    MRO products.

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