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1 year access to Fulfillment Fundamentals: Introduction - CAP101

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1 CEH - This one-hour Online Self-Study course provides an overview of the fulfillment area. The module gives users an orientation to the world of fulfillment. It describes the basics of fulfillment, the purpose and role of fulfillment, and its relationship to supply chain and business functions.

The following topics are included in this training course:
Fulfillment Management
Product Characteristics
Strategic Issues

This course covered the basics of fulfillment, as well as the fulfillment management process and characteristics of most products that go through the fulfillment process. It also addresses strategic issues within fulfillment, such as outsourcing.

The training course begins with an overview, which covers the definition of fulfillment, what a perfect order is, and what the purpose of fulfillment is. Then, the course discusses fulfillment management, focusing on its processes, inputs, and outcomes. Next, the training course highlights how product type affects overall fulfillment strategy and operations - via bulk/weight, value, fragility, market advantage, profit margin, stage in product life cycle, hazardous nature, and special environments.
Finally, the course highlights major strategic issues facing fulfillment
Roles that outsourcing plays in fulfillment
Typical conflicts in fulfillment
Criticality of information to fulfillment
Future trends

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