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1 year access to Forecasting Demand - APX821

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1 CEH - This Online Self-Study course explores the need for, and uses of, projections of future aggregate and item demand in a variety of business environments. Various forecasting techniques, selection methods, and forecast performance measures are addressed.

The following topics are included:
Forecasting Concepts
Forecasting System Design
Forecasting Techniques
Performance Measurement

This Online Self-Study covers the topic of demand forecasting. Every organization prepares multiple forecasts for many different uses from sizing the market for a totally new product to determining how many units of an item to stock at a specific location.

This course discusses the need for and use of forecasts. It also covers sources of demand, components of demand, and the strengths and limitations of the various forecasting methods that could be used to satisfy the specific need. In addition, the training course highlights the mechanics of several forecasting methods.

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