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1 year access to Financial Fundamentals - APX802

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1 CEH - This one-hour Online Self-Study introduces basic elements and categories of financial information. It discusses how they are used to construct essential financial statements that are used to report the financial health and performance of an organization.

The following topics will be covered:
Financial Data
Essential Statements
Analysis of Performance
Operational Effects

This one-hour Online Self-Study introduces concepts, terms, and procedures that provide a basic understanding of financial fundamentals. An understanding of financial information, reporting, and analysis is important because management and other stakeholders frequently use financial information to evaluate the performance of the organization, functions within the organization, and projects.

This training course covers the essential financial elements of a business, such as financial statements, material, labor, and overhead cost structures, financial data analysis, and other financial topics.

The course begins with explaining why the flow of funds flow into and out of an organization must be captured, categorized, and reported. It then discusses commonly used categories of financial information.
Next, the course defines the three essential financial statements and explains their creation process. Additionally, commonly used measures of financial performance are introduced and the effect of operations on these measures is highlighted.

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