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1 year access to Sales and Operations Planning Concepts - MFG107

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0.5 CEHs - The sales and operations planning process is impacted by various elements of the business environment, integrates the multiple plans of a business, and provides direction for subsequent more detailed and near-term planning. This course explores the concepts that impact the sales and operations planning process and the ways that the process can be adapted to fit various environments.

The following topics are included:
Characteristics and Benefits
Process Overview
Adapting the Process

The sales and operations planning process transforms the strategic and business plans into tactical plans that serve management as a game plan to achieve competitive advantage and meet the business objectives. This game plan integrates customer-focused marketing plans for both existing and new products with management of the supply chain for those products. The processes integrate the marketing, sales, development, sourcing, manufacturing, and financial plans into the organization's game plan.

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