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10 CEHs

Learn the methods necessary to harness the collective power of the supply base and use it as a competitive advantage. This course provides a strategic and tactical framework for managing commercial relationships with members of the supply base.

I. Introduction to Managing and Improving Supplier Performance

II. Strategic Supply Chain Management

    • Understand the role of today's supply management professional in the supply chain management process
    • Determine the elements of a strategic supply management process
    • Understand the role and importance of cross-functional teams in supply management
    • Build a supplier performance roadmap for your organization

III. Supplier Quality

    • Understand that supplier quality is the foundation of supplier performance
    • Utilize the eight dimensions of quality
    • Understand lessons from the quality masters
    • Recognize the importance of international quality standards
    • Apply quality concepts to service organizations

IV. Supplier Evaluation and Appraisal

    • Establish objectives for supplier selection
    • Recognize the criteria for successful supplier evaluation
    • Understand the importance of supplier evaluation visits
    • Integrate the use of supplier surveys and questionnaires

V. Supplier Approval and Certification

    • Understand the concepts of supply base optimization
    • Utilize the process of commodity management in supply management
    • Construct an approved supplier list
    • Understand the supplier certification process
    • Certify suppliers, including those in small organizations

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