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1 year access to Best Practices of Indirect Materials and Services (MRO) - 3962

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10 CEHs

This course establishes a baseline for traditional MRO management while exploring the dramatic impact of technology, from the Internet to outsourcing. Learn auditing and measurement techniques from industry and government best practice examples and identify service improvement opportunities, and direct and administrative cost reduction strategies. Examine new trends resulting from the changing roles of distributors and original equipment manufacturers, and the emerging strategies of Third Party Providers. Finish the course with insight to the methods that are being used successfully by innovative enterprises to accomplish savings.

I. Introduction and Overview of MRO

Identify and understand the scope and impact of MRO
Understand the operating environment of MRO
Identify opportunities to reduce costs

II. MRO Management Methodology

Create a baseline for MRO management
Evaluate the procurement system and financial supports for the MRO processes
Develop a gap analysis between needs and required performance

III. MRO Best Practices

Identify best practices in MRO procurement
See and review several best practice examples

IV. The Role of Distributors in MRO

Understand the role and operating environment for distributors of MRO
Understand the benefits of distributors as partners

V. Performance Measurement

Establish effective measurement of MRO performance
Report MRO performance

VI. Financial Supply Chain

Understand the scope of the financial supply chain
Understand opportunities for improvement in the financial supply chain

VII. Summary and future directions

Summarize what you've learned
Understand areas for improvement in your own MRO procurement activities
MRO standards case study

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