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Resource Guide: Logistics and Transportation

ISM Articles:

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  • Introduction to Logistics and Transportation Operations Concepts and Practices. ISM Seminar.
    To order, call ISM Customer Service at 800/888-6276, ext. 401.
    Discover the key principles of logistics and transportation operations.

  • Logistics in the Supply Chain.
    ISM Knowledge Center online course.
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    Delve into the major components of logistics, the importance of logistics and the different channels of distribution.

  • Transportation Planning.
    ISM Knowledge Center online course.
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    Get an in-depth view of the transportation planning component of the supply chain planning process.

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    Other Resources:
    • ISM's Logistics and Transportation Group
      This special interest group provides ISM members with networking opportunities, educational programs, and a forum for professional interaction in the fields of Logistics and Transportation.

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