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ISM Resource Guides

The ISM Resource Guides are topic-specific electronic "packets of information" on a variety of supply management subjects. Each guide includes 5-10 articles from various ISM publications, suggested reading lists, valuable links to related Web sites, plus contact information for a variety of other resources and information on each topic. ISM's Resource Guides deliver specific, timely information on the topics you are most interested in — right to your computer desktop.

The ISM Resource Guides are FREE to members. Simply select the Resource Guide(s) you want from the list below and enter your ISM ID number as your UserName and your last name as the Password when prompted.

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  • Best of Purchasing — Learn about a variety of best practices in supply management.
  • Bidding Process — This guide covers the various components in the bidding process, such as RFPs, RFQs, and Statements of Work.
  • Capital Equipment Purchasing — This guide covers the skills and techniques needed for successful and cost-effective investments in capital equipment.
  • Contract Management — This guide covers the ins and outs of contract management.
  • Cost Reduction Strategies — Learn about a variety of strategies to reduce costs throughout your supply chain.
  • Electronic Commerce — This guide covers some of the latest tools and techniques for the successful implementation of e-commerce initiatives.
  • Environmental Issues in Supply Management — Learn about environmental initiatives and issues in supply management and their potential impacts.
  • Ethics in Purchasing — Ethical behavior is critical to a company's integrity and relationships. Learn about potential ethical problems and solutions for dealing with them.
  • Global Sourcing — This guide provides the tips and tools you need to thrive in a global environment.
  • Group/Consortium Purchasing — This guide covers the hows, whats, and whys of group buying as well as the potential legal issues.
  • Healthcare — Learn how the latest supply management trends are being applied in the healthcare industry.
  • Hospitality — The hospitality industry is adopting supply management principles to lower costs and improve efficiencies. Learn how they do it in this industry-specific guide.
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Guidelines — Learn about ISO standards in quality and environmental systems and how to begin ISO initiatives.
  • Inventory Management — This guide covers tools and techniques for managing inventory. Learn to reduce inventory and inventory-carrying costs to operate more efficiently.
  • Logistics and Transportation — This guide is geared toward helping you understand the logistics and transportation needs of your organization. Learn how to maximize your internal operations and deal effectively with 3PLs and other service providers.
  • Measuring Performance/Benchmarking — Learn ways to measure the performance of your supply management organization with a focus on improvement.
  • Minority Supplier Programs — From creating a diversity process to developing relationships with minority suppliers, this guide gets supply managers on track with minority supplier programs.
  • MRO/Indirect Spend — This guide explores MRO purchases and other aspects of indirect spend. Learn techniques to manage and control indirect spend for greater effectiveness.
  • Negotiation Skills — This guide will help you improve and update your negotiation skills in order to be more successful.
  • Organizational Models for the Supply Management Function — Learn the advantages and disadvantages of centralized, decentralized, and hybrid models and how to manage the change from one form to another.
  • Outsourcing — Tips and tools for success in outsourcing are covered in this guide.
  • Project Management — Learn about the planning process and how to use project management tools to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Public Sector Purchasing: Federal, State, and Local — This guide addresses some of the challenges of public purchasing and the skills and tools needed to succeed.
  • Purchasing Cards — Learn how to implement an effective purchasing card program.
  • Purchasing and Supply Sourcing Guide
  • Rating and Evaluating Suppliers — This guide presents a number of methods for rating and evaluating current and potential suppliers.
  • Reverse Auctions — Learn about the pros and cons of online auctions and the strategies you can use to improve your chances for success.
  • Services Purchasing — The purchase of services can provide a unique set of challenges. Learn to apply sourcing strategies for greater savings and value in your services spend.
  • Small Business Purchasing — This guide covers the unique supply management needs of small businesses and provides suggestions to help you compete like a big company.
  • Software Licensing & Contracting — Purchasing software calls for special tactics. This guide covers all the details on laws, licenses, and techniques for success.
  • Supplier Management and Relationships — Learn to get the most from your suppliers by developing close ties and relationships.
  • Supplier Partnering and Alliances — This guide covers the benefits of partnering with suppliers and how to enter, maintain, and even end supplier alliances.
  • Telecommunications — Stay connected to current issues related to the telecommunications buy. This guide covers everything from wireless technology to legal issues.
  • Utilities — From energy deregulation to online procurement, learn how the utilities industry is changing and how it affects the energy buy.