Supplier Management Group Membership Information

The ISM Supplier Management Group provides a forum and environment conducive for mutual exchange of information relative to supplier management programs, metrics, processes and tools.

There are many advantages for ISM members to join our Group, such as:

"The ability to develop and share benchmarking pertaining to lifecycle management of suppliers.
"To promote the supplier management function as a professional pursuit across multiple industries.
"To promote the ethical practices and behavior of its members and their respective companies.
"To network with other Supplier Management Professionals

Member Services include:
" Newsletter
" Educational opportunities
" Networking/ Membership Roster
" Web site

The Supplier Management Group is intended for and directed by participating leaders of Supplier Management Organizations.

The Supplier Management group provides: -An educational network for communication among members who have or are forming Supplier Management organizations/practices. -The opportunity to understand the strategies behind the formation of supplier management functions
-The direct comparison of quantitative and qualitative data.

To become a member of the Supplier Management Group, complete the Enrollment Form located at this link: (You may need to copy the link and paste it in the address field of your browser.)

Membership requires active participation.

The Supplier Management Group is based on the premise of collective benefit, and information is shared within the group with mutual trust and understanding. This information is used by member companies solely to improve the quality of their own Supplier Management groups
The Supplier Management Group does not promote or entertain discussions on vendors, company business relationships, supplier rates, tariffs, or other subjects that may constitute a special interest lobby.

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