Steel Buyers Forum Membership Information

Qualifications for the ISM Steel Buyers Forum
Active members of the ISM who perform the usual duties of supervising, buying, or managing the procurement of steel.
The prospective member should:
Represent a major steel products consumer and be responsible for the purchase of a minimum of 24,000 tons of carbon steel or the dollar equivalent in specialty steels.
Have experience in steel procurement.
Have a good reputation in the steel community.
Must subscribe to and practice ISM Principles and Standards of Purchasing.
Maintain ISM membership status and be cleared with the national office prior to invitation to join the ISM Steel Buyers Forum Executive Committee.
Be willing to attend two group meetings per year. The member must agree to be active and attend four out of six of the Forum's semi-annual meetings over a three year period.
Member cannot represent a steel producer or scrap dealer.
No more than one member from one company or corporate entity shall be allowed.
Membership is not inherited with a company from one individual to another.
Any member of the ISM Steel Buyers Forum Executive Committee who changes assignment or company will be re-evaluated for membership. The member shall notify the Chairman who will then make a recommendation to the Steering Committee.
Member must be willing to respond to a monthly steel survey dealing with trends in steel any your business in general.
The Chairman of the membership committee issues the invitation and after acceptance by the new member; the ISM Steel Buyers Forum Executive Committee Chairman makes the appointment.

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