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The ISM Steel Buyers Forum operates to: * promote a better understanding of the steel buying function. * provide educational opportunities for ISM buyers of steel. * Examine and report steel market trends. * Serve as the ISM steel community outlet on all matters concerning the steel industry. * Provide the ISM with resources to generate steel related articles and papers, when required.

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The Institute for Supply, Inc. (ISM) utilizes National Groups and Forums for purposes of promoting the interchange of ideas and discussions among ISM members having a common interest in a particular industry. A National Group or Forum derives it's existence and authority from Article II of the ISM. The ISM Board of Directors has published a policy for National Groups and Forums, which is available to you from the National office.

The National Steel Buyers Forum is continually searching for ways to assist the steel buyer and seller in improving the flow of information regarding the complexity of steel procurement.

The production and use of steel is rich in history, dating to primitive man and early writings, such as those mentioned in the book of Genesis, recording Tubal-Cain as a worker of iron. To this day steel continues to be our must useful metal, serving our daily lives in many useful and enjoyable ways. The United States consumes over 100 million net tons of steel annually. In the presence of ever increasing costs, steel remains the most abundant and least expensive of metals. Methods of steel making and steel applications advance rapidly due to ever changing technology. Keeping pace with the industrial advances and the technology of producing this metal, which has been our greatest strength in peace and in war is most essential.

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